Covid-19 Time has been a period extremely painful and stressful for all!

Our family take on daily difficulties without breaking down and looking forward with a positive vision. We have had always this approach to the future, we must have it above all for our future generations.

From many time, we are working to prepare all needed to do a better welcome for our guests.

We are a small family structure, suitable for those guests that are looking for an elegant, comfortable and quiet solution in the heart of Amalfi and with a breathtaking ocean view.

To safeguard the serenity of our guests during their stay, we have equipped the structure with all the needed devices and we are creating all the neededprecautions within the structure for a peaceful stay in Amalfi. We have implemented - thanks to the kindly support of the World Health Organization many training courses that allow us to manage as better all prevention activities that we have to do against the Covid-19.

We are a family business that is based on the care of our loved ones, our employee and our Dear Guests.

We believe in sustainable and safe tourism! For this reason we have done new training and information courses for the continuous improvement of ourselves and our business processes.

We hope that our guests will soon appreciate our approach during their next stay at Terrazza Core Amalfitano

Luigi Vitiello

CEO-Terrazza Core Amalfitano