• Amalfi

    Via Duca Mansone I, 84011, Amalfi, SA, Italy .

    Amalfi is the cradle of the Divina Costiera with its natural and suggestive steep cliffs. Between the IX and XI centuries, it was one of the powerful maritime republic. In the heart of the city, the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, of the Arab-Norman era, is characterized by a striped Byzantine facade. The Arsenal Museum of Amalfi and the Paper Museum complete the natural beauty of the city. Amalfi, with the other three italian maritime republics, organizes the famous historical regata. Destination of tourists and VIPs who love these lands is a small angle of paradise that fascinates and makes fall in love the people that visit it.

  • Ravello

    Piazza Duomo, 84010 Ravello SA, Italy .

    Ravello is a wonderfull touristic town, located at 365 meters above the Tyrrhenian Sea on the Amalfi Coast. It is known for its extraordinary gardens on the cliffs. In particoular, Villa Rufolo, in Moorish style and dating back to the thirteenth century, offers wide views from the terraced gardens and hosts both indoor and outdoor concerts during the famous Ravello Summer Festival. Villa Cimbrone, a medieval-style, is  sited on a on a steep hill and it is surrounded by another famous garden.

  • Positano

    Via Marina Grande, 84017, Positano, SA, Italy .

    Positano is considered the pearl of the Amalfi coast. It is characterized by its pebble beaches and narrow, steep streets full of shops and cafes. Since the '60s, it is the destination of the global get set that decides to spend moments of relax. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta has a majolica dome and a Byzantine icon of the 13th century Virgin Mary. The Sentiero degli Dei hiking trail connects Positano to the other main coastal attractions

  • Grotto of Emerland

    Via Smeraldo, 84010, Conca dei Marini, SA, Italy .

    The Grotta dello Smeraldo is a karst cavity that is partially invaded by the sea and ut's located in the territory of the town of Conca dei Marini. It was discovered by the fisherman Luigi Buonocore in 1932. This cave takes its name from the emerald hues that the water takes by the sunlight filtered through a submarine fissure. In very remote times it was placed above sea level and inside now there are numerous stalactites and stalagmites, which come together giving shape to the mighty tall columns about 10 meters high.

  • Capri

    Piazza Umberto I, 80076, Capri, NA, Italy .

    Capri is the island in the Gulf of Naples. It is famous for its steep territory, exclusive hotels and shopping, ranging from haute couture, to limoncello, to handmade leather sandals. One of the most famous natural sites is the Grotta Azzurra, a cavity where the sea water is tinged of an electric blue color due to the presence of an underground cave that filters the sunlight. Capri is even famous for its Faraglioni a natural attraction that has ispirated many epic legend. During the summer the spectacular coastline of the island, full of coves, attracts numerous yachts and VIPs.

  • Pompei

    Scavi di Pompei - Biglietteria, Piazza Anfiteatro, Pompeii, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy .

    Pompei is the city of the Campania Region that represents the Roman cradle par excellence. Pompei is famous  in the world for its ancient city buried in 79 AD. from the eruption of Vesuvius. The ruins include the Villa dei Misteri with frescoes and the Roman amphitheater. The City is also one of the most visited Marian religious centers in the world. The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary has priceless mosaics and the great dome that brings to mind the much more famous of Bernini

  • Sorrento

    Piazza Torquato Tasso, Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy .

    Sorrento, heart of the homonymous peninsula, is built on the cliff that separates it from its famous port. The town is famous for its panoramic view of the sea and Piazza Tasso, dotted with coffee. The historical center of Sorrento is a maze of streets full of shops that area focused on the famous cabinet makers or that are dedicated to the sale of the famous "Limoncello" of Sorrento, made with the dictates of ancient knowledge. Finally, here is the beautiful church of San Francesco, a building of the fourteenth century with a quiet cloister that usually is used form many cultural events.

  • Minori

    Via Roma, 80, 84010 Minori SA, Italy .

    Minori is a small town of 2700 inhabitants that, as all Amalfi Coast, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of most prestigious attraction of Minori is the famous Bakery of Salvatore de Riso - Sal de Riso.