Roots deep planted into Italian classicism, distinctive elegance, stylish modernity and dynamic pace: that’s Core Amalfitano’s identity.

Our project of guests accommodation is tied down to the history and traditions of Amalfi, an ancient city with a glorious and captivating past, over 1500 years of enchantment.

In its early days, the city was used as a shelter, a place where the Romans fled to escape the fighting and to defend against the raids of the barbarian hordes. In the Middle Ages, Amalfi became a maritime power of the Mediterranean Sea, minting its own coins (the golden Tarì) and having one of the most powerful fleet of battleship able to protect even Rome from the assault of the mighty Arab fleets.

Italian classicism and style, then, with a plus of contemporary refinement enhancing what Made in Italy brand means in terms of guarantee and high quality.

Core Amalfitano® is a trade mark of MR FAN srl.

Our accommodations in Amalfi are: Core Amalfitano City Suites Terrazza (CURS 15065006EXT0352) and Core Amalfitano City Suites Duomo (CURS 15065006EXT0606)


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